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Digital Signage

Cloud-Based Ingest

For Internet Video Streams, Over-The-Top, Lease Access.


  • Supports live & video on demand

  • All source formats supported

  • Remote contributor content ipload

  • Flexible authorization / moderation scheme

  • Automated transcoding to CableLabs® format

  • Moderated contribution workflow

  • Secure online archive

We're digital signage experts. One of the leading provider of end-to-end digital signage systems, we provide expertise for any or all of the three elements of digital signage systems: digital signage hardwaredigital signage software, and digital signage content.


Digital Signage is a perfect tool for:

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Banks and Credit Unions

  • Corporate Internal Communications

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics



Digital signage technology is more cost-effective and flexible than other forms of video communications.  Digital signage attracts viewers’ attention, creates ambience, informs, educates, and influences purchase decisions at point of sale, point of wait, and point of transit environments.

Developing and maintaining a compelling content strategy and program mix for digital signage networks requires a different creative solution beyond that typically used for television or the web. It requires specialized expertise. Our graphic design team has the knowledge and tools to optimize opportunities, drawing from over 25 years of cumulative experience creating content for major agencies, brands and media companies.  



Our solutions bring the best of your organization, re-formulated from their original content, together with the best information feeds.  By combining your vision together with Digital Signage Best Practices, your content can engage customers in the environment where the screen is located.  Let us help deliver your vision.



We can we do it for you

Through Digital Signage we can create a competitive edge to businesses across all categories. It can enhance your internal communications strategy, enhance your image, and ensure a greater return for your advertising expenditure.

Free evaluation and consultation!

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