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Master Antenna Television Network



Rest Homes


We service facilities equiped with coax based master antenna distribution networks, such as hospitals, school, hotels/motels, rest homes, dormitories, and office buildings. Our cable TV solutions can vary based on the size of your facility. We offer cost effective solutions to meet your budget and needs.  

Develop an in-house channel to meet your organization needs for patients, customers, staff, visitors, students, etc. The many possible applications include food menus, visiting hours, service fees, clinics, etc. We are experienced to develop a complete hardware and/or content solution to your needs. 

Scale up your MATV to support digital signage to enhance internal communications, marketing, sales. promotions, and other pertinent information for your target audiences such as business hours, specials events, etc . We provide the design and installation of a turnkey system that will serve your needs. 

Free evaluation and consultation!

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